About Adam

I am a trained journalist, a graphics specialist and a keen amateur photographer. I try to use these skills in combination to tell simple, compelling stories in my works.

In these pieces I want to show the majesty of the landscape, and provide a sense of the personal wonder you experience as a first hand witness, in simple terms.

I love clarity, the simplicity of powerful single message, the idea that I don't need to tell you all the story, I just need to tell you the headline, and perhaps that will be enough to compel you to seek out the rest yourself - after all, there's nothing like actually being there.

My day job is content marketing and graphics.
One day art will be my day job.

I'm a whippet walking, fair weather cyclist who spends almost as much time as I'd like exploring the South Downs. This is presently my inspiration, like many others before me and innumerable artists yet to be born. We're just passing through.